CS 145

Data Management and Data Systems

Fall 2018

Event Date Description Course Materials
Lecture 1 9/25 Tu Relational Data Model
Concepts: data models, database management system overview
[Slides: Intro, Why databases?]
[Slides: Relational Data Model]
[Class Projects Outline]
Lecture 2 9/27 Th SQL I
Concepts: schemas, select from where
HW: 6a, 6e
Project 1 Release 10/1 Mon See Course Info for general submission information and the regrade policy. [project_part1.pdf]
[Getting started with BigQuery]
Lecture 3 10/2 Tu SQL II
Concepts: joins, set operators, subqueries
HW: 6d, 6g, lab 2
Lecture 4 10/4 Th SQL III and ER Models
Concepts: grouping and aggregations, nested queries, quantifiers, nulls, nested queries
HW: 6b, 6c, 6f, lab 1
[E/R Slides]
Lecture 5 10/9 Tu Design Theory I
Concepts: Normal forms, functional dependencies, closures, superkeys, keys
HW: 3a, 3b
Lecture 6 10/11 Th Design Theory II
Concepts: Decomposition, BCNF, 3NF, MVDs
HW: 3c, 3d
[See lecture 5 slides]
Project 1 Due 10/12 Fri
Lecture 7 10/16 Tu Transactions I
Concepts: Performance, ACID, Logging
HW: TXN HW 1-6
Project 2 Release 10/17 We [Project2_Handout.pdf]
Lecture 8 10/18 Th Transactions II
Concepts: conflict serializability, locking
HW: TXN HW 7-8
[See lecture 7 slides]
Lecture 9 10/23 Tu 1. Trasactions III
2. Guest Lecture: Machine Learning and GIS in BigQuery
Dr. Lak Lakshmanan, tech lead google cloud
HW: TXN HW 9-10
[Transactions III: See lecture 7 slides]
[Machine Learning and GIS in BigQuery]
Lecture 10 10/25 Th 1. Transactions IV
2. Guest Lecture
Dr. Krishnakumar, CTO Delta Airlines
HW: TXN HW 11-13
[Transactions IV: See lecture 7 slides]
[Delta Airlines]
Lecture 11 10/30 Tu Exam Review
[Slides (Last updated: 10/30 10:08am)]
Midterm 11/1 Th In-class (4:30 - 5:50pm)
Project 2 Due 11/5 Mo
Project 3 Release 11/5 Mo [Project3_Handout.pdf (last updated: 9:26pm Nov13th)]
[High-Level P3 Project Rubric]
Lecture 12 11/6 Tu Indexing & IO Model
Concepts: indexes intro, the buffer, external merge algorithm
HW: IO HW, Problem 1 (Solutions)
Lecture 13 11/8 Th Indexing & Sorting
Concepts: external merge sort, B+ trees
HW: IO HW, Problem 1 and 3 (Solutions)
Project 3 Proposal Due 11/9 Fr
Lecture 14 11/13 Tu 1. Indexing, Hashing
2. Guest Lecture: Data Ethics
DJ Patil (Chief Data Scientist in Obama's administration)
[1. Slides]
Lecture 15 11/15 Th 1. Scale, Counting
2. Guest Lecture: Massive, real time GPS data in ride sharing
Theo Vassilakis (CTO of Grab)
[1. Slides]
Thanksgiving -- no lecture 11/20 Tu
Thanksgiving -- no lecture 11/22 Th
Lecture 16 11/27 Tu Optimization I
Concepts:Nested Loop Joins, Sort-Merge Join, Hash Join & Hash Partition Join
HW: IO HW, Problem 2 (Solutions)
Lecture 17 11/29 Th Optimization II
Concepts: Histograms, IO Cost Estimations
[See Lecture 16 slides]
Project 3 Due 11/30 Fr
Lecture 18 12/4 Tu Systems Design
Concepts: RDBMS Architecture, Relational Algebra and Optimization
Lecture 19 12/6 Th Final Review
Final Exam 12/14 Fr 3:30 - 6:30 p.m


Shiva Shivakumar

Teaching Assistants

Jennie Chen
Jiaxi Chen
Laura Cruz-Albrecht
Alan Flores-Lopez
Vishesh Gupta
Todd Macdonald
Leo Mehr (head)
Lantao Mei
Ben Parks
Amelia Vu
Lucy Wang
Anna Zhu

Office Hours

All OH will be held in Huang Basement, in the large, open collaboration area with desk/tables. The one exception is Prof Shiva's OH, which will be held in Gates 415.
To sign up for OH, use our queue: https://queuestatus.com/queues/259